Yuvraj Singh ridiculed Shoaib Akhtar, who was posting Jofra Archer’s class on Twitter

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has made fun of former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. On the tweet made on Jofra Archer, Yuvraj Singh hit the Rawalpindi Express. In fact, Smith was injured on Joffra Archer’s bouncer during the second Test match played at Lord’s in Ashes 2019, due to which he could not even get off to bat in the second innings.

Akhtar reprimanded Archer for this entire anecdote. Akhtar wrote on Twitter, “Bouncers are a part of the game, but when a bowler hits the batsman’s head and falls to the ground, then the bowler needs to go to the batsman and Ask if he is right? Archer did no good that when his ball hit Smith’s neck, he left from there, while Smith was in pain. I always used to go to the batsman first and ask him how well.

On this, Yuvraj trolled Akhtar and wrote, ‘Yes you used to do it! But you actually had the words whether you are right because some more such balls are going to come.

Smith went out of the ground after suffering an injury, in the first innings he came to bat, but in the second innings, he could not bat. He’s playing in the third Test match is also considered doubtful. The Ashes are part of the 2019 Test Championship and are being played under the new rules of the International Cricket Council in which an alternate player can field instead of a head or neck injury player. The player who landed in the field instead of the injured player could field only but can now participate fully in the match.

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