World Cup 2019: Gavaskar said the reason for the defeat, said – if Dhoni comes first, then Pant-Pandya …

Former captain Sunil Gavaskar has questioned the team’s strategy after India’s semi-final defeat in World Cup 2019. He said that when the Indian team had lost the opening three wickets cheaply in the semi-finals, then Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) should have come up ‘for the batting’. Sunil Gavaskar has always advocated a change in the Indian batting order, which should be consistent with the situation. However, he is quite upset with what happened in New Zealand’s 18-run defeat.

During the conversation with Star Sports, when India had lost wickets of three top batsmen cheaply, then Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant were batting. There are two types of batsmen in terms of mood swings Dhoni had to be at one end in his place, who could advise Pant to be restrained. After all, Pant was outplayed by a bad shot, which proved to be very costly for India later.

Sunil Gavaskar said, “When we had lost four wickets for 24 runs, then Pant and Pandya were on the wicket. Both are the same moody players. Both are aggressive There should have been experienced and restrained batsman like Dhoni, on one side, who advised any of them to play in moderation. After all, both the batsmen were dismissed out in an irresponsible manner and that India got heavier.

Contrary to the circumstances, Virat Kohli sent Dhoni to bat at number-7 in that match. Dhoni did not play ‘down’ in the entire tournament. Kohli had his own separate opinion about this. Kohli said after the match, “Dhoni did justice with his role according to the circumstances. We had sent them very late on the wicket. We wanted him to stay on the wicket till the end and when he was six or seven over, he would do the batsman according to the circumstances. Our strategy was floppy because it was run out. ‘

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