What players of India eat-in lunch and T-break, how do they keep themselves fit?

Maintaining one’s fitness is of paramount importance for any player. Test cricket tests your fitness hard. This game lasting 5 days has 3 sessions per day. These sessions are held for the comfort of the players.

Players get a lunch break after the first 2 hours of play of the Test. The players then play for 2 hours, after which the players go for tea. After this, there is a game of about two and a half hours. To be consistent in the field for so long, it is necessary that the players get proper food.

But even more important is what the players eat and get on the field in the morning. The most important breakfast for the players is during the Test match. To keep fresh and alive throughout the day, players take serial, pasta and fruits with milk in the morning. In addition, some players also eat sandwiches with meat, salad, jam or peanut butter.

Players go to lunch after the first session. Lunch serves 3 to 5 dishes to players. It consists of green vegetables, roasted potatoes, lentils with different types of roles. Players who like to eat meat also have chicken, lamb, and fish. Apart from this, most players’ favorite ice cream is also served.

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