Wedding Season 2019: These couples, including Arbaj, Malaika, can give early marriage invitation

2018 has been a year of weddings for Bollywood. Many celebrities ended their singles status. When Ghumanika Chopra walked with Nick Jonas, Deepika Padukone married Ranvir Singh. Comedian Kapil Sharma married his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath on December 12th. In addition to these celebrities, there may be good news from some other couples. Their relationship is quite strong, indicating that 2019 will take their relationship to a different suit. This can be marriage too. This year too, there will be a lot of strings in Bollywood. 


After some time of divorce from Malaika, Arbaz Khan came to life with a new beautiful face. This is Georgia Adriani Georgia are models with profession and are 22 years younger than Arbaz. He is only 29 years old. Georgia and Arbaz are now beginning to look at Bollywood parties and other public occasions. Their growing closeities and public apprehensions have begun with the fact that this year’s clarinet can be played in the Bollywood family. Arbaz recently dined with Georgia and his family members. During this, bonding was clearly seen among the families of Arbaz and Georgia. Last year, Shilpa Shetty had arrived with Arbaz Georgia in the pre-Diwali party. Prior to that, during a Navratri, Arbaz went to Ahmedabad along with Georgia in a program. 

Arjun- Malaika

The rumors of marriage of Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are also holding fast. Although his friendship has been haunting Bollywood’s Gossip corridors for many years, but after divorce with Arbaaz Khan, new connotations of Malaika’s connections with Arjun have been started. Karan Johar has stamped the relationship between Arjun and Malaika many times in gesture gestures. Malaika’s rise in Bollywood’s Kapoor family has increased, with the possibility of marrying her with Arjun has increased. Last year Malaika went to Venkatesan with Arjun for his 45th birthday celebration, and the picture of both of them at Milan Airport became viral. Karan Johar shared a video from the set of India’s Got Talent Show, In which they seem to wrestle Malaika. Karan Malaika asks whether she was alone in Italy or with someone? Malaika goes to Sharma on this. The probability of their marriage in 2019 is also the strongest. There are reports that both are planning marriage plans in March. On the other hand, according to the reports, Arjun is relieved of the paparazzi standing outside Malaika’s house that he did not give duty there. There is no problem taking photographs, but stop staying out of the house.


The romance between Firan Akhtar and Shabana Dandekar is in full swing after being separated from Ounana Both the Instagram accounts can be seen on each other’s sweet pictures. There, they are going to celebrate holidays abroad and abroad. In some reports, it is also claimed that both of them have engaged and are in the mood for marriage. Looking for both wedding planners. The news of their marriage can come as soon as possible.


Kapoor Khan’s Chirag Ranbir Kapoor and Bhatia Alia Bhatt of Bhatt Family are shooting for Ayan Mukherjee’s film Brahmastra this time. Along with this film, news of the closure was going on between Ranbir and Aliya. Initially it was considered a bond of co-actors, but as the film went ahead, the bonding became stronger. Aliya has now started mixing with Kapoor Family. Aliya also came to celebrate New Year with Rishi Kapoor, who was being treated in New York. Along with Neetu Singh, Alia has got a lot of good bonding. There was speculation that both of them were serious for each other. Now looking at the close proximity between Ranbir and Alia, waiting for their good news is being done. If both of these are married, it will be interesting to see what Alia’s career changes, Because in Kapoor family there are not many people allowed to work in movies. But perhaps this custom may change now.

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