Virender Sehwag said, not Dhoni, but for this person, I retired from international cricket.

A former batsman of Indian team feels that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has the right to say when he will retire. He also appealed to the selectors to tell the former captain about his strategy. Since the World Cup is over now, the news of Dhoni’s retirement has started reopening.

“It should be left to Dhoni when he will retire. The task of selectors is to talk to Dhoni and tell him that he can not give Dhoni any further chance. “

There is speculation that Dhoni, who has already retired from the Test format, has played his last one-day game after India got out of the World Cup. Sehwag feels Sanath is a personal matter of Dhoni but selectors should talk to him before announcing the West Indies team.

In 2013, when Sehwag was out of the team. Then Patil was the president of the selectors, for the act with Sehwag, he once apologized to Sehwag on national television and said that

“The responsibility of talking to Sachin Tendulkar on his future was entrusted to me and Rajinder Singh Hans and handed over to Vikram Rathore, responsible for talking to Sehwag. When we asked Vikram, he had said that he had talked with Sehwag but if Sehwag is saying, I take full responsibility. Even after Patil’s cleanliness, Veera responded with his apology, saying that after asking for a team, there is no use to ask or tell a player after the election.

“Vikram had talked to me, but then when I was out of the team. If Prasad will be out of Dhoni at this time and then talk to him then what will Dhoni say, that he will play domestic cricket and if he can do well there then he should pick him in the team. The thing is that the selectors should talk to the player when he is not removed from the team.

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