The penalty imposed on Virat Kohli due to the breach of this ICC rule

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has found Virat Kohli guilty of a violation of the code of conduct. On Saturday, 25% of the match fee was imposed on Kohli for unnecessary appeal in the match against Afghanistan. Kohli has been found guilty under section 2.1 of the ICC. In the match, India defeated Afghanistan by 11 runs.

In the 29th over of Afghanistan, Jaspreet Bumrah was caught by the batsman on the foot of Rahmat. Meanwhile, Virat approached the umpire Aleem Dar and appealed aggressively to LBW. Virat has accepted the mistake in the match referee Chris Broad, so there was no need to hear the case. There is a provision of penalty up to 50% of match fees on violation of Section 2.1. The player is also given a dim point.

Kohli gets Demerit Point:

Field umpire Aleem Dar, Richard Illingworth, third umpire Richard Kettleborough and fourth umpire Michael Goff fined fine after being found guilty. The referee has also given Kohli a demerit point. Now Kohli has two dement points. He has also got a point in the Test match against South Africa on January 15 last year.

What is the demerit point?

If a player has four or more demerit points within 24 months, then it becomes a restriction point. If the player has two restrictions, then he is banned from a test or two ODIs or two T20 matches (whichever is earlier).

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