The most searched on the Internet in 2018, the address of Sunny Leone

Priya Prakash Warrior, who has made an insult to the “eyes of the eyes” this year on the internet, has been searched on Google in the year 2018. In the names to be searched, he remained on number one. Google has prepared a list of the most searched people on their search engine this year. Neither is Prime Minister Number One nor Sunny Leoni has been an internet sensation since last two years and not the popular names like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.

Google had set the search base in nine categories. In which the personality, news, sports, movies, songs, surroundings, how it happened, what was it and overall was included. Priya Light Warrior, who debuted from Malayalam films in the Personality category, got the chance. Priya, 18, who lives in Kerala, has been involved in the film ‘Manikya Murai Puhi …’ on her Valentine’s Day film directed by Umar Lulu, who has made a huge impact on the country. Not only was his name discussed, but he was told till the National Crush. Songs and video clips of Priya Prakash Warrior were watched millions of times. Priya Prakash is active on social media and is considered an Internet sensation. Due to the gestures of that eyes, his court had come to the court.

The second number is not of any Indian but of the Indian son-in-law. These are the indigenous girl’s palm pardesia, Nick Jonas. She was the most searched after Priya in Google’s special category. The reason was to marry Priyanka Chopra. However, Priyanka came in number four on this list.

The third place is Haryanvi Sensation, of Sapna Chaudhary, whose songs, ‘Teri Aiyhiyan Ki Ke Kajal …’, set fire to the country.

Rajinikanth topped the list of the movie category due to his film 2.0, while the ‘How to’ search was the most searched by people on how to get stickers on Wattsup. Section 377 (law of homosexuality) was searched the most in the ‘what is’ category. The FIFA World Cup was the most searched for sports.

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