Worried about the World Cup / British media, the Indian audience will be more in the semi; ticket 86 thousand rupees

World Cup Cricket will be played on the first semi-final of 2019 and second on July 11. It is likely that the host England will be against Team India. However, the last picture will be cleaned late on Saturday night. A section of the British media is concerned about potential semi-final between India and England. He says that about 60 percent of the viewers were Indian Indians on June 30. The same can happen in the semi-finals and this will make the host team realize that they are playing in another country. According to media reports, semi-final tickets are sold for some 86,000 rupees on some resale websites.

The British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ contacted the ICC about the purchase of most tickets by the Indian audience. The newspaper says that ticket sales methods are not correct. Fans of the host team are not getting tickets only. The objection was rejected by the International Cricket Council saying that the entire sale process of tickets was decided only after discussions with the Cricket Board of the respective countries. ICC World Cup Chief and former South African all-rounder Steve ElBaradei said: “It is a matter of happiness that stadiums are full of every match and it is a matter of great happiness.

Steve said, “It’s a tough job. I can only say that the method of selling the ticket is completely clean and transparent. We have not provided any special facility for any other country. The number of South Asian viewers is definitely more. This has already been discussed by the England Cricket Board. We look at the websites of the re-selling tickets. If we give any attention to any one team, then it has to be done for everyone. We have done everything in the legal framework. It is not possible to see the identity card of the audience before selling every ticket. “

The team of supporters of England is called ‘Barmy Army’. Wherever the England team plays in the world, these teams especially come there to support their team. According to the report, this team has got only 10 tickets for the semi-finals. Now their plan is that they will be gathered at a conference center near the stadium and watch the match on TV.

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