Tension is to hide in the field during fielding Team India, this stormy player!

So far, the Indian team has just lost a match and the Indian team has entered the semi-finals. England, after India, Australia also qualified for the semifinals. Now the fourth team i.e. New Zealand is almost certain to qualify in the semi-finals. But the performance of the players is constantly being questioned by India. There are also many big questions being raised on Mr. Rishabh Pant after Mr. Kool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, KL Rahul, Kedar Jadhav. There was a lot of debate among the selectors about the selection of Rishabh Pant in the World Cup team.

But in the end, Rishabh Pant was called to England in place of injured Shikhar Dhawan and he got an opportunity to play on behalf of India in the match against England. In the presence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rishabh Pant is not looking for wicketkeeping but by fielding the Indian team. Rishabh Pant is playing number four on behalf of the Indian team.

But this talented player with the bat looks quite weak during fielding. Rishabh Pant especially needs to improve his fielding. Pant is primarily a wicketkeeper. But in the presence of Dhoni, he is not required to do wicketkeeping but fielding. There are big questions about the fielding of Rishabh Pant. Pant is being brought back to the circle from the borderline repeatedly in the match because he has failed to handle the full line.

Pant’s work has become difficult due to the big players like Dinesh Kartik because Karthik is a good wicketkeeper as well as a good fielder. That is why the fielding coach of the Indian team has made it clear that Rishabh Pant needs to pay attention to his fielding too.

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