Tarak Mehta … again got shocked, after Meri Ben, now he also left the show

Draupa Bani, Disha Vakani, had already gone out of the TV show Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma and now the show’s ego character Sonu Yani Nidhi Bhanushali has also decided to withdraw from the show.

According to the information, the fund wants to concentrate on its studies and they are turning away from the show to complete the studies. She studied at the Mithi Bai College of Mumbai and felt that she was unable to do her studies properly because of her work on the show. Many times he was seen reading on the set itself.

The producer of the show has not expressed any objection to the fund’s decision and wants him to complete his studies before completing the fund. Although he had also proposed to fund the funds in the shoot, the fund has decided to drop the show. The fund had replaced the lake Mehta, who played Sonu for six years. Meanwhile, Suspense is still about the direction of Wakani.

According to sources, Daya Ben is no longer willing to return to the show, while producer Asit Modi says that the time the direction the direction the direction was taken for the upbringing of the child was completed. They have given the ultimatum to the direction that either they should return to the show as soon as possible or tell their final decision so that they can be brought to someone else in this role.

The direction was made on November 30, 2017, and her daughter’s name was kept in praise. Because of the proper care of her pregnancy and later daughter, she had been away from the show but her lakhs of loved ones were in this condition that Dyan Ben returned soon But this is not going to happen and due to this, his fans may be disappointed, l Wakani took maternity leave in October 2017. Although during pregnancy, he also did a shoot twice. But after the daughter’s birth, she did not see Tarak Mehta’s upside-down Chashma.

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