Sunil Shetty talks about Virat Kohli after Naseeruddin Shah

Film actor Naseeruddin Shah is in the limelight these days. They are in contention about the comments of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and India. After this many people opposed Naseeruddin. Meanwhile, Sunil Shetty has also given a talk about this.

In fact, Nasiruddin, commenting against Team India captain Virat Kohli, said that he is not only the best batsman in the world but he is the worst player in the world. Sunil Shetty has talked about this and he has come in favor of Virat Kohli. Sunil Shetty has said that Virat Kohli’s approach is very good about cricket and he is in favor of Virat Kohli and he likes them. Not only that he also said that not agreeing with Naseeruddin Shah’s things does not mean that He is opposing them. Describing this about, Sunil Shetty says, ‘I think there may be someone who breaks the facts and offers I do not say anything against Virat Kohli. I have not said anything against Nasiruddin Shah and I have taken the side of Virat Kohli also. Everyone has their own Do not think and I think Virat Kohli’s attitude towards cricket is very good but the only effort of the people is that he has gone against Nasiruddin Shah. Uddh not be required, but it does not mean that I am ready to have every thing and say something in their support L is in favor of my support Virat Kohli and I liked him as a cricketer l ‘

Let me tell you, Nasir has been in the discussion for the last few days. He had earlier commented against Team India captain Virat Kohli and said that he is not only the best batsman in the world but he is the worst player in the world. But the second controversy is that Nasir, in a video interview of ‘Karwan-e-Mohabbat India’, on a video of Naseer, commented on the violence of the crowd saying that in many places a cow’s death was killed by the killing of a police officer. After this, Nasiruddin Shah has kept his statement given in the video. He had recently said that what he had earlier said was a jubilee of a worried Indian and now What I am saying is that I am being termed as a traitor? My concern is for the country that I love. The country which is my home. Is this a crime?

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