After all, why was Ravi Shastri the team coach of India despite the World Cup loss?

Eventually, that was what was being predicted. The current coach of the Indian team, Ravi Shastri, was once again chosen as the head coach of Team India. Shastri’s name was announced by Kapil Dev at a press conference that started around 6:30 pm on Friday in Mumbai. After Team India’s unexpected defeat in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2019, it was felt that Shastri was difficult to be re-elected to the post of coach, but after a long exercise, his name was again approved by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC). He will remain the head coach of Team India until 2021. There were more than 2 thousand applications for the post of coach. But 6 people were shortlisted by Kapil Dev-led Cricket Advisory Council. Shastri was followed by former New Zealand coach Mike Hewson. Former Australia all-rounder Tom Moody came in at number three. Let’s know what those 5 reasons are, due to which the name of Ravi Shastri was once again stamped.

Shastri’s record since joining the Indian team as head coach in 2017 is quite good. During this time last year, India won the Test series for the first time on Australian soil. Since July 2017, India won 13 out of 21 Tests under Shastri’s guidance. The performance was even better in T20 International where India won 25 out of 36 matches. In the ODI too, the Indian team dominated by winning 43 out of 60 matches. The team, however, failed to advance to the semi-finals under their guidance in the World Cup 2019. However, India’s dominance of the Caribbean in T20 and ODI shows that Team India is doing most of the things right.

The Cricket Advisory Council CAC included Kapil Dev besides former India team opener Anshuman Gaikwad and former women’s cricket team captain Shanta Rangaswamy. It is believed that the board was not in favor of the foreign coach, so Ravi Shastri’s previous tenure and experience overshadowed both his Indian rivals Robin Singh and Lalchand Rajput. But in this race, Mike Hesson was the second-ranked Australian Tom Moody at number three.

Captain Virat Kohli told coach Ravi Shastri his first choice for the head coach from the open stage. Shastri’s claim to the post was strengthened after the captain’s public support. Before leaving the West Indies, Kohli said in a press conference in Mumbai that, “The CAC (Cricket Advisory Committee) has not yet contacted me on this issue.” We all have a very good rapport with Ravi Bhai and it will make us all very happy (if he continues as coach).

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