Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana’s phone is a wallpaper of this special person …

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana are getting popular in social media. Since Shah Rukh has indicated that Suhana can start his innings early in Bollywood, the interest of the fans has started to grow. Suhana is very close to Shah, but you may be surprised to know that he has created a wallpaper of someone else’s picture rather than Shah Rukh on his mobile phone.

This photo of Suhana’s phone on the internet is getting viral. This picture of Suhana’s phone has been shared with an account on the Instagram with the name of Abaram, in which the photo of Abram is showing in the wallpaper. Abiram is also very famous in the social media and those who love his photographs get a lot of love. By the way, this picture shows that Abaram is also very close to his elder sister Suhana and because of being the youngest in the family, he gets a lot of affection for them. 

Gauri Khan shared a photo a few days ago, in which Suhana and Gauri Shah are doing the stance. With this picture Gauri had written that most of the days are entitled to it.

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Most days he deserves it …

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Suhana has started taking proper training before starting a Bollywood innings. In Shah Rukh’s Ziro, he worked as a trainee set and learned the nuances of film production.

Suhana’s Bollywood Dreams was revealed in August last year when she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. Karan Johar shared the cover photo and wrote with it – “He has seen him on stage and my chest gets blown proudly. She is very fabulous and has an innate talent. Welcome to headlines In the most difficult moments it will immerse you in love. And thank me for never saying Uncle! Very love. ”

This was the first time that Suhana came to the cover of a magazine. Mummy Gauri Khan also thanked the magazine while sharing a picture of the shoot. King Khan launched the issue of Magazine in a function, while sharing pictures of it, King Khan wrote: “He is raising him once again in his arms. Thank you vogue How many impaired careers we are in love, except when we talk about our children. So my love Hello Suhana Khan. ”

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Woooooh!!!!!!! We got the look in MXS❤️

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In an interview given to Vogue Magazine, Suhana told that he always wanted to become an actress. His parents had also realized this when they saw him playing at the stage. Suhana said, “I do not remember that someone like me has come when I have decided. Since I was small, I used to speak differently. But my parents realized that I was serious about acting when they saw me performing. ” 

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