Seeing this ball you will also say that Australia will be the most dangerous team in the semi-final

During this tournament, the first name has been raised on Lord’s Honor Board. Aaron Finch Century Marie And thanks to these runs, Australia is the first team to qualify for the semi-finals. And this is the match that has raised the problems for England very much. England, i.e., the team that was being called the biggest team before this tournament, has reached the position where he will have to live to reach the semi-finals. England now has two matches – one from India and one from New Zealand. If one of these matches is too elusive, then England may be too much to reach in the next round. There is a challenge to New Zealand against Pakistan and the other two are more or less easy matches. In such a case, if the math remains in Pakistan’s farewell, then Pakistan is the only team that is seen taking the place of England in the semi-final. Apart from New Zealand, Bangladesh is Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Now we will talk about the match between England and New Zealand. A tight match. Two strong teams Big contender of both tournament trophy There is also a great history between the two. And in this match, Australia was completely overwhelmed by England. Also in bowling and also in bowling

This was the first time that the tragedy of seam and swing has been seen in this tournament. You will get full proof of this from the scorecard in which Bahrain drops 5 and Starc gets 4 wickets. This was the first time that in the tournament, the balls were swinging consistently in a consistent manner. Mitchell Starc, who hit Ben Stokes, the in-swing ball, was a ball that could have been cut off by any of the left-handed batsmen in the world. And at the same time, Australia also showed that apart from their initial batting, they can make a bigger batting line-up as a two-minute guest on their own ballers. And at this match only, Australia has once again made itself a very big team in the World Cup. That too, when he has confirmed his seat in the semi-final.

Also, know about a record here. Whenever Australia has made 275 runs in the first innings in the World Cup, they have never lost any match. On 25 June, he also scored 285 runs in 7 overs in 50 overs. Their opening pair for Australia is very big. Both batsmen, Finch and Warner, are the first and second in the top-scoring list of batsmen in the entire tournament. David Warner is at number one. He has scored just 500 runs in 7 innings and Finch is at 496 runs in 4 innings behind Warner in the innings.