Seeing Rohit’s century, Virat Kohli got worried in the dressing room, what was the reason

In the last league match of the 2019 World Cup played between India and Sri Lanka, the Indian team won a major win by defeating Sri Lanka by 7 wickets. Now the semi-final match of the Indian team is to be played against New Zealand on 9 July. In this match against Sri Lanka, Rohit Sharma once again scored a century of 103 runs and in the match when Rohit Sharma was only 2 runs away from his century, Virat Kohli sitting in the dressing room was very troubled and tense.

In fact, Rohit Sharma needed only two runs to complete his century when Rohit Sharma came on strike on the third ball of the 29th over of the Indian team. At that time, Indian captain Virat Kohli stood up to see Rohit’s century with great enthusiasm in the dressing room. All were hoping that Rohit will complete his century on the next ball of Outer but it did not happen.

Rohit Sharma did not score any runs on the third and fourth ball of the 29th over. The clock waiting for Rohit’s century was continuously increasing. After that Rohit Sharma made a vigorous shot on the fifth ball of the over and everyone felt that the ball would cross the boundary line but even then it did not happen and the ball was stopped by the Sri Lankan fielder. As Rohit Sharma was waiting for a century on the field, Till the face of Virat Kohli sitting in the dressing room looked tense on the face.

After that, Rohit Sharma completed his century with an overwhelming start to the last ball of the over and when Rohit’s century was complete, Virat Kohli, who was sitting in the dressing room, jumped happily and started playing loud applause for Rohit. On Virat’s face, Rohit Sharma’s century was a delight to see. Rohit Sharma has so far scored 5 centuries in this World Cup and he is hopeful that in the semi-final match, Rohit will also play magnificent innings.

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