Sarfaraz was asked – did India lose the match intentionally to England, Sarfaraz said..

The performance of the Indian team in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has been extremely exciting. India, England, Australia and New Zealand have reached the semi-finals. While the opponent Pakistan’s team failed to secure their place in the semi-finals. Because the net run rate was poor, Pakistan’s team lagged behind New Zealand. There was a match between India and England in this World Cup league phase. In which the victory of India from Pakistan’s perspective was very important in that match. Because if the Indian team wins the match then the prospect of reaching the semi-finals in Pakistan will increase significantly. But this did not happen.

After this match, many former Pakistan cricketers had feared that Team India did not perform 100 percent of their performance against England and they hurt the expectations of reaching Pakistan semi-finals. However, in this case, Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was asked whether the Indian team deliberately lost the match. In response to what he said? Let’s know: –

Sarfraz Ahmed said that it is wrong to blame Virat Kohli for the team captaincy. He said that do not say that India deliberately lost the match to England. They also said that not to say no, it would not be right to say this. I do not think India lost due to our team. In that match, the England team really played a good game.

It is noteworthy that former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis had raised questions about the game spirit of the Indian team after India lost to England. He wrote while tweeting that it does not matter who you are. What do you do in your life? He defines you. It does not matter to me whether Pakistan will play in the final or not play from the team. But one thing is clear that some champions’ game spirit has definitely been tested and they have completely failed in it. However, Waqar Younus did not take anyone’s name in his tweet.

Apart from this, former Pakistani players Basit Ali and Sikandar Bakht had said before the match between India and England that team India will deliberately lose the match to prevent the team from going into the semi-finals.

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