Salman Khan’s ‘India’ is the story of ‘Bharat’, read the news

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie India is in the discussion. The film is currently being shot. In the film, Katrina Kaif also plays an important role. The discussion about the film’s teaser is that the audience will be seen on January 26.

The viewer in the movie teaser will see when it is said that my mother Baba knew why my name was Bharat? Clearly, India is the name of Salman and an interesting story behind it is that in the film, he will be shown the age of 25 to 72 years. Part of the film will be shown before partitions. There will also be several such portions, in which the story of period will be told. There is no movie period drama. But there will be a complete story in the back drop, in which many decades of India will be shown, in which many major changes have happened in a country like India and this whole story will be seen by the viewer as per the character of Salman Khan. That is why Salman Khan’s name has been named as India in the film.

Let’s say that this film of Salman Khan is a Hindi remake of the Korean film Ode to My Father and the audience is very excited about this movie. In this film, Varun Dhawan will also be in a special role. It is reported that Varun will be seen playing Dhiru Bhai Ambani’s role in the film.

However, the news has not been confirmed so far. It is reported that on January 26, the release date of the film (on the occasion of Eid) will also be announced. And the film teaser will also be launched on this day.

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