Salman Khan is not his earning boss, he still takes it from Pocket Money

Mumbai Salim Khan is one of those fathers who has never been behind in removing the shortcomings of their own children. When he came to the show Kapil Sharma’s show, he pulled a big shirt of his three sons Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan and opened his pole too.

In such a way, when Kapil Sharma wanted to know from Salim Khan, who among the three children is most industrious. They said without losing at all that the three are not hardworking. Who is the master of all three of the gold? Ask him, then I will answer that all three are sleeping. The second question is who has beaten the three of them the most. In response to this question, he took the name of Salman Khan. On the other hand, who was the fastest to read from all three, he said that Ganesha, who used to leak his paper. After this, on the question of a female audience, who has given them the tightest, Salim Khan said that the three still keep teasing me.

An interesting thing he also told is that it is true that even today, the three sons give their earnings to their father only and Salim Khan pocket money to the three brothers. Yes, Salman himself also admitted that he still takes pocket money from his father even today, while the two brothers snatched and took pocket money. It is for the first time that Salim Khan joined his children in a show on a small screen and at the same time he talked with a lot of enthusiasm. This episode has been considered as one of the best episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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