Salma Khan has given Salman Khan a new year for the task … Salman himself is also surprised

Salman Khan has celebrated his 53rd birthday recently. And he is very happy that he has been the best contributor to his family in whatever he has done till date. And the fact is that he loves his mother Salma Khan. They never stop talking about their mother.

In this way, his mother Salma Khan gave Salman Khan a big task. You are also going to be amazed to hear about this task. Because Salman Khan himself is also very surprised. It has been revealed to Salman Khan himself that his mother recently asked him what his new year’s resolution is this time. When Salman Khan told Salma Khan that he did not have any new year’s resolution then his mother Salma Khan gave him a big task. Salma Khan has told Salman Khan that now this four pack body will not work, you should make a six pack body. You should have the same resolution in the new year. Salman Khan says that mother feels that this work is very easy for me. And if the mother feels like this then it will probably be that way. Salman said these things in his farmhouse of Panvel while talking to the media on his birthday.

Salman has said that he has to fulfill his wishes of his mother in every situation and he has also joined in this work. Salman has said that he is yet to make himself more disciplined. Also, it is time to increase the time of your work-out. That is why they are spending more time in the gym than their regular time. Salman has said that he will definitely give this gift to his mother.

At the same time, Salman was asked to launch new faces once again. Salman Khan says that Mohnish Bahl is a friend of my childhood and his son is a pranutan. He also says about Zaheer that his father has been his friend. Salman Khan said that once Zaheer’s father gave him a 2011 rupee loan, which later went up to 11 thousand and now Salman feels that the time has come to repay the loan. That’s why he’s launching.

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