Salim Khan wanted Salman to change the character of Arbaaz …

There is a lot of talk about Kapil Sharma’s Show Ki Village episode which is being broadcast on Sony TV. The reason for this discussion is that for the first time Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, along with Sohail Khan, his father Salim Khan will also be joining the show.

The funny thing is that in this entire show, Salim Khan has pulled out his three sons fiercely. They have opened such a secret, which is also a surprise to all of their three sons. During a show, Salim Khan has opened the secret about his three sons, how the three brothers used to do mischief in childhood. In this sequence, he has said another fun thing. During the show, when Kapil Sharma wanted to know from Salim Khan whether Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan had discussed Salman Khan with the script of the Halo Brothers, Salim Khan said such a thing that Salman Khan himself Arbaaz will not even be. He himself admitted that Salman Khan’s death should not have been seen since Salim Khan believes that when Salman Khan dies in the first half of the film, people start getting up from the theater. Salim Khan believes that it was supposed to be in the film that Arbaaz Khan’s role was with Salman Khan and Salman Khan’s role was Arbaaz Khan. So maybe this movie would have succeeded. Arbaaz Khan goes to Azim after listening to Salim Khan’s voice He is amazed at how Salim Khan is saying this on National Television. However, after listening to this, Salman Khan and Salim Khan have no place to laugh.

Say that besides this Salim Khan has opened such secrets, which you will definitely hear that you do not even know about these things about Salman himself. Please tell that apart from this, Salim has also pulled the leg of three sons during the show.

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