Sachin said, instead of ‘Boundary’ count, it should have been such a best way for choosing the World Cup winner’s decision

Instead of deciding the winner on the basis of the number of ‘boundaries’, Sachin Tendulkar advocated playing the second super over on Tuesday when the World Cup finals were held. England was declared the winner after finishing the series in the final played in Sunday’s Lords. His match against New Zealand and the super-overs were both ties.

Tendulkar said to 100 MB, “I think that instead of considering the boundaries of both the teams, the winner of another super over should have decided. Not only the World Cup finals, but each match is also important. The way the teams play in extra time in football, the game of the past does not matter. ‘ Tendulkar was asked that there should be a change in the format of the World Cup in the knockout stage, he said, “The two teams who live on top should certainly have to do well to perform well.”

He also said that in the semi-finals, former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni should have been sent to number five instead of number seven. Tendulkar said, ‘Of course, I send Dhoni to number five. India was in a situation where she could handle the innings. Hearty sixth and Kartik could have come for batting at number seven.

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