Ranvir-Deepika’s reception did not control Katrina herself, did this work

When Deepika and Ranveer Singh had given their marriage party in Mumbai then everyone’s eyes were on whether it would be Katrina to be happy or not. But Katrina did not just participate in the party but also energized herself in the party.

Katrina himself has accepted this fact. In an interview, he said that he got frustrated and enjoyed the party. She is very nice at the party Not only that, but he also said that he was one of the last people from the party to return home from the party. They also eat chocolate at the party. Katrina told that she used to eat a lot of chocolate fountains there. Chocolate was so tasty that he could not control himself.

Katrina said that she will try to prevent herself from eating this food in a party from next time. While congratulating Ranvir and Deepika on their behalf, Katrina said that both looked very good and both would prove to be good couples. At the same time, he also said about Priyanka and Nick that they enjoyed watching pictures of both of them.

When Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina were in a relationship with each other first, there was always news of tension between Deepika and Katrina. Deepika Padukone has also started following Katrina Kaif on social media. It is clear from the fact that everything is fine now between these two.

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