Rain show on World Cup / Indo-Pak match….

According to Weather Report, light winds can also occur with light rain on Sunday.

Viewers capacity 24,500, 66.6% of the Old Trafford Stadium purchased by Indian viewers.

Sports desk In the World Cup, India will face Pakistan on June 16. Rain may occur during this match at Manchester’s Old Trafford stadium. Despite this, viewers are buying tickets by paying a heavy price. Tickets for this match were sold in a while. The people who bought the tickets are now making huge profits by selling them again on the Viaggo website. On Friday, the gold level ticket was sold for around Rs 4.20 lakh ($ 6,000).

There was an agreement between Sachin and Spartan:

News Agency Reuters claimed that an agreement was reached between Sachin and Spartan in 2016. Under this, the company had to pay a million dollars (about 7 million rupees) to the company after using Sachin’s photograph and logo on his products for one year. Under this deal, Spartan could also use the ‘Sachin Bai Spartan’ tagline.

Sachin also went on promotional events in London and Mumbai to promote Spartan’s products. However, till September 2018, Spartans did not pay them once. After this, Tendulkar demanded payment from the company. Even after no reply came, Sachin ended the agreement and asked the company not to use the symbol associated with it, but Spartan continued to use Sachin’s name-photographs.

In this case, the agency has asked the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Spartan in this matter. However, they have not responded yet. Gilbert and Tobin, a law firm looking into Sachin’s case, has also refused to speak in this matter.

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