Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Thumkeyhe Jethani’ is missing, we are doing this super hit show.

If the glimpses of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding ceremony are still flashing in your mind, then you will not have forgotten her Jhelani Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner, decorated with designer lingerie, had turned heads off from her beauty and adolescence. 

In the dance contest between the two families at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Sophie had stole his heart from his Bollywood Steps, even in the Mehndi Ceremani, Sophie’s laugh-blossomed photographs became viral. This talented Jethaani of Priyanka is now returning to the small screen through the International Show Games of Thrones Season 8. That is, this time you will be watching Priyanka’s Jethani on this very popular show. The Teaser of Games of Thrones 8 has been released, and in this teaser, Sophie Turner looks with his co-actors. The show will be broadcast from April 14. 

Sophie started an innings in acting with this world-renowned fantasy TV series at the age of 16 years. His character’s name is Sense Stark. Game of Thrones made Sophie famous throughout the world. 

Sophie, Priyanka’s younger Jeth, is the girlfriend of Joe Jonas. Born on February 21, 1996, Sophie is just 22 years old and is about 14 years younger than her sister-in-law Priyanka. Priyanka is now 36 years old. Sophie who is dating from 2016 The engagement of both of them was in 2017. If someone influenced most by Priyanka Chopra’s in-laws, then she is Sophie.

Sophie is not American since birth. They are British. Sophie was born in Northampton, England. In 2013, Sophie started her career in the big screen with Anand Me. Sophie appeared in the 2015 action comedy ‘Barely Lethal’ Sophie played the mutant Jean Gray in the 2016 X-Men series ‘Apocalypse’. In the next film ‘X Man-Dark Phoenix’, the audience will see Sophie again in the role of Jean Gray.

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