Priyanka Chopra for the first time after her marriage, seeks help

Priyanka Chopra lives in the world. After marrying Nick Jonas in December, he is getting a different look. Priyanka Chopra looks quite switched and matched. Which is also reflected in their latest social media post.

In this post, Priyanka is looking very emotional. Priyanka Chopra wrote: “In these days when the talk of # 10yearschallenge is happening everywhere, I also thought about the last 10 years of my life like you. There has been a lot change in my life during this period. Not only has the look of my hair or clothes changed or married, but my view of seeing life has changed. In these 10 years I have experienced that whatever I have achieved is that there was always a curiosity in my mind about others, which helped me to grow and I could reach this point where I am today . ”

Priyanka further writes that ‘I have now decided that on a journey where I will meet some extraordinary people. I have always been a pioneer and I always keep on inspiring people. Please help me in this journey, where I can learn just one thing from my colleagues, role models and friends. #Justonething who played a key role in his life. In fact, Priyanka is appealing to the people for her new YouTube special “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing”, that she should send a question to her and ask her what to ask these people. Also explained in detail!

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