Pakistani cricketer’s bride will make Haryana’s daughter Shamia, see her beautiful photo

Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali is going to marriage with Haryana’s daughter Shamia soon. The marriage is to be held on next August i.e., August 20, in which the family of Shamia has joined its preparations. Born in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Hasan Ali and Chandni resident of Nunh, Shamiya’s marriage is to be held in Dubai’s Atlantis Palm Jubera Park Hotel.

Distant relation relationship:

Shamiya’s father Liyaqat Ali, former BDPO, says that during the partition, many of his relatives had gone to Pakistan. This relative was still in touch with them, in such a way the relation fell away. When Liaquat married his daughter in Pakistan, he said that the daughter has to go to Paraya home one day. Then that house is in India or in Pakistan, what does it matter? Say that Shamia has done B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering from Human Composition University.

Shamia is a flight engineer in the Air Emirates:

Even though Shamia has grown up in Haryana, these days, he is working as a BAFFL engineer in the Air Emirates. His father Liaquat related the relationship of Hassan and Shamila that his grandfather had two brothers. One of these families went to Pakistan at the time of partition His generation still lives in the Kachi Kothi Nayaki of Kasur District of Pakistan. Through them, this relation has been provided.