“Only God can save Indian cricket” Sourav Ganguly rages on BCCI after sending notice to Rahul Dravid

On the one hand, while the Indian team has gone to play matches in the West Indies, on the other hand, the match is also going on in the BCCI of India where a ball called a conflict of interest is being thrown in each other’s court. We are talking about Sourav Ganguly, who has heard loudly the BCCI on his Twitter.

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly heard the BCCI scandalously when its official also sent notice to Rahul Dravid in the ‘conflict of interest’ case and sought clarification within 10 days. Angry at this, Sourav Ganguly aka Dada said in defense of Dravid, “God bless me, of Indian cricket”. Reacting to his tweeter, he fiercely expressed his anger.

The authorities sought a response within 15 days after the BCCI sent a notice to Dravid. In defense of this, Ganguly tweeted and fired his fierce anger saying,

“A new fashion called ‘Conflict of Interest’ is going on in Indian cricket… God bless Indian cricket… Now the BCCI Ethics Officer sent notice to Dravid too.”

In the defense of Sourav Ganguly, off-spinner Harbhajan Singh also took to Twitter, in which he tweeted in favor of Ganguly, saying that Indian cricket can now be saved on its own. People reacted fiercely after these two big players took to Twitter. In which some people were standing with some BCCI.

However, you must say that Rahul Dravid is currently the coach of the National Cricket Academy, Bangalore. The complaint against him has been made by Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association member Sanjeev Gupta. He submitted his complaint to BCCI Ethics Officer D.K. Was with Jain. After which notice of conflict of interest was sent to Dravid. However, this is not the first time that such a notice has been sent to a player before many players have fallen victim to it.

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