Despite good performance, didn’t get a chance in Team India, now play for this country and became Captain

Every cricketer dreams that he should be a part of the national team of his country and represent his country, but this dream of everybody is not complete, today we are going to talk about a cricketer of such an In the 16th and U-19s, India did well, but if the Indian senior team did not get a place, then he took the second one out.

The name of the cricketer we are talking about is Saurabh Netravalkar, Saurabh had performed very well by the Indian team under-16 and under-19, Saurabh was the highest wicket-taker in the Under-19 World Cup. Despite this, he did not get a place in the senior team of India.

But Saurabh did not get discouraged and went to America, Saurabh showed a splendid game at the domestic level and today he has become captain of the national team of the United States. Let us tell you that Saurabh is a very quiet mood player, so in America, They are called Captain Cool like Dhoni.

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