Martin Guptill, who ran out Dhoni, said, “I was lucky

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni was run out in the semi-final against New Zealand on Wednesday. New Zealand striker Martin Guptill hit a straightforward throw stump and Dhoni was out. Hoping to reach India’s final as Dhoni’s dismissals broke. Now Guptill has given his reaction on this matter. He himself described himself as a lucky one.

“I thought the ball was not coming towards me, I grabbed the ball to catch the ball, as soon as the ball came in my hand, I threw it fast, I was lucky that my thunder was there. Directly hit the stumps. “Dhoni was the last hope of India

Jadeja and Dhoni pair took over the Indian innings after the initial shocks. It seemed that the pair would make India in the final when Trent Boult changed the game’s stand. He got Jadeja caught by captain Ken Williamson at a total of 208. Jadeja faced 59 balls and hit four fours and four sixes.

Dhoni was the last hope of India on the crease. India needed 31 runs in the last two overs. Dhoni scored six on the first ball and scored two runs on the second ball. Dhoni and Martin Guptill could not keep on the batting crease before the direct hit of the second run, and India’s hopes were over here. Dhoni faced 72 balls and hit a six and a four.

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