India’s first foreign player, who came to study and became Team India’s finest all-rounder

Today is a very special day for Robin Singh, former India team’s finest all-rounder, and a tremendous fielder. Born on 14 September 1963, Robin is celebrating his 56th birthday on Saturday. Robin’s story is no less than a film. He faced a lot of struggles to join the team.

Robin Singh’s original name is Ravindra Ramnarayan Singh. He was born in Trinidad, West Indies. Being of Indian origin, his ancestors were living in the West Indies for the last 150 years. He started cricket at the age of only in Trinidad. He played cricket at school and club level in the West Indies.

Once in the West Indies, a cricket team named Hyderabad Blue from India came to play the tournament. Robin Singh then played in that match for Trinidad. Seeing his good performance, a man named Akbar Ibrahim invited him to come to India. Robin came to Madras in 1982 at the age of 19.

In Madras Robin received an Economics degree at the University of Madras. He started playing cricket while doing this study. After this, they remained only through Chennai. He started playing cricket in India but he got citizenship of India quite late. When he got the citizenship of India in 1989, he was also selected for Team India for the West Indies Tour.

Robin Singh is one of the few Indian players who is also known for his fielding skills. On 11 March 1989, India played their first match against the West Indies, but in that series, they got only two matches.

Where they could not make any effective performance. Then it took him seven years to make a comeback. He got a chance in the Titan Cup in 1996 and then continued to be a part of the team for the next five years, 2001. Robin Singh is currently part of the coaching staff of Mumbai Indians in the IPL. For Team India, he played 136 ODIs and scored 2336 runs and took 69 wickets. In first-class cricket, he scored 137 close to 6997 runs and took 172 wickets.

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