World Cup: Which team can compete with India in semi-finals?

Team India defeated Bangladesh in the 2019 World Cup semifinal last night. This is the seventh time in the history of the World Cup when the Indian team reached the semi-finals. Three times out of this, India got the chance to reach the finals. The question arises now whether this time Team India will be able to reach the finals. In the semi-finals, which team will be India’s match?

Team India has won 6 out of 8 matches so far. Team India is currently on the second spot with 13 points. India still has to play another match against Sri Lanka. With another win, Team India will get 15 points in the account. But despite this win, Team India will not be guaranteed to reach the top. Whether the team India will be at number one in the points table or not, it will be decided by Australia’s last match.

Australia’s team is currently at the top with 14 points. Australia’s last match is from South Africa. The semi-final race is out of the race, the South African team has got a fresh start. In this case, looking at the current form of Australia, their victory seems to be fixed. The Australian team can stay on top by winning the match. But if Australia were defeated here, then the team would win the match against Sri Lanka to the top.

Looking at all the equations, it seems that the Indian team is more likely to stay at number two on the points table. Staying at number two would mean the third-place team to compete in the semi-finals. At present, New Zealand’s team is at number three with 11 points on the points table. If New Zealand wins in the last match, then it will remain at number three. That is, in the semi-finals Team India can face New Zealand.

If England’s team today defeats New Zealand in the last match, then they will reach the third spot. In such a case, Team India can compete in the semi-finals from England.

If there is any miracle then the Pakistan team can also reach the semi-finals. In such a situation, he will be on the fourth number. If Team India reaches the top of defeat in Australia’s last match, then it will be against Pakistan in the semi-finals. But the probability is looking very little.

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