If India vs SL match was canceled in rain, India will play semi-final with this team, see equation

India and Sri Lanka teams will face face-to-face tomorrow (July 6th) in the 44th World Cup 2019 match. Between India and Sri Lanka, this match will be played at 3:00 pm Indian time in the hosting of Headingley Leeds. Talking about the top-4 teams for the semi-finals, India, Australia, England, and New Zealand have confirmed their place. Where teams from England and New Zealand have completed their 9 matches. While India and Australia have to play and play each other.

In this case, if India wins the match against Sri Lanka tomorrow and Australia loses the match to South Africa. Then in the semi-finals, India will face New Zealand. However, India and England will face the semi-finals against India if they lose to Sri Lanka. But what will happen if India vs Sri Lanka match is canceled in the rain? India will play semi-final with which team in the event of cancellation of the match.

If the 44th World Cup 2019, which will be played between India and Sri Lanka, is canceled in the rain. Then one digit will be distributed to India and Sri Lanka. Then India will have 14 points. In this situation, the match against Australia South Africa or the win will remain in second place with a net run rate of 14 points and 0.81. In such a scenario, India’s semi-final match will be with England if the Sri Lanka match is canceled.

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