Elegant reply by Virat for Rabada’s “Immature” statement..

Rabada had said – Kohli is immature, he gets angry when he gives feedback.

India-South Africa match will be played in Southampton today.

Sports desk India-South Africa teams will be face-to-face in the World Cup today. Afridi fast bowler Kagiso Rabada had called the team India captain Virat Kohli an ‘immature’ player on Saturday last. On this, Kohli said on Tuesday, ‘I do not know about what they said. I have played against them many times. If there is a need to discuss any issue then I will answer them in the face. I would not like to use the press for this.

Rabada had said, ‘Virat flows on giving feedback. They show offensive grounds on the field, but when an opponent of the opposition team responds to them, they get annoyed. They do this because maybe this helps them in their aggressive game, but such behavior seems to be full of my understanding. According to me, this is quite immature behavior.

Stane and Angidae injuries:

South Africa have lost their opening two matches against England and Bangladesh in the World Cup. In the match against India, he would like to win his first win in the tournament. In this match, injured pacer Dale Steyn and Lungi Angadi will not play for him.

Other bowlers can replace Stan-Angidi-

Regardless of Stan and Angidi, Kohli believes that he has many such bowlers who can take both of them. Rabada can be dangerous against any team. He said, “Against Rabada, we have played better earlier too. They have the ability to take wickets. Bowlers like Rabada can do their best against any team on their special day. You should respect them.

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