Do you know the sign of Dhoni’s glove..

India played their first match in the World Cup against South Africa. In this match, Indian wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni honored the Para Special Force in a unique style. Show signs of ‘Sacrifice badges’ on their gloves during the match. Not everyone can use this mark This only applies to para commandos. The Para Special Force is usually called Para SF. It is the Special Operation Unit of the Indian Army. Para Special Force entered the Pak-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) in 2016 and had a surgical strike.

Dhoni, the second cricketer to get the rank of honorary lieutenant colonel:

Sacrifice badges are with special forces of the parachute regiment. ‘Badge’ is written on this badge. Dhoni was given the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Army in 2011. He is the second cricketer to receive this honor. Kapildev was given this honor before them.

Dhoni has trained paratrooping. He did Para Basic Course. Dhoni had the ability to place the para wings logo by placing the fifth jump of the IAF aircraft AN-32 in the Paratroopers Training School (PTS), Agra.

Users on Twitter praised Dhoni. One user wrote, ‘He showed his love for the country and the army.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is the reason that we love Dhoni. Thank you for showing love and support for our Military Para Special Force. ‘

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