Dhoni will now come to the border of Jammu and Kashmir, Army Chief said in any operation…

Friends, it is known to all that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the Indian Team Pride. In his captaincy, Team India has named the 2007 T20 and the 2011 World Cup. When Dhoni comes to the field, the good bowlers have a lot of perspiration when the opposition team breathes relief after they get out. From Dhoni’s capturing to his captaincy, every legendary player does not tire of praising him.

After the run-out in the World Cup, many people raised questions on their batting. But it is known to all that if Dhoni was sent to number four or four instead of four or five, then today the Indian team would be the champion. There was also a lot of discussion on his retirement. Dhoni has not talked to anybody at the moment. The Indian team was selected for the West Indies tour on Sunday.

In this team, Rishabh Pant was given the opportunity to replace Dhoni as a keeper. During this time, it was reported from the BCCI that Dhoni was rested. And he also made it clear that he wants to spend 2 months with his time army. Team India was selected here. Dhoni left for the training with the Army.

In the parachute regiment of the Dhoni Territorial Army, Lieutenant Colonel, Dhoni had sought permission to conduct training with the Army in Jammu and Kashmir, which allowed him to meet Army Chief Bipin Rawat. During this, he told that Dhoni will only be trained in Jammu and Kashmir. Dhoni will not be part of any operation.

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