Dhoni lives in Kashmir like a normal army soldier, and doing this job before going on duty, see photos

These days, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is training the army in Jammu and Kashmir. The same questions were being asked from every corner of the defeat of Team India in the semi-final of the World Cup. Not only did Dhoni respond to his retirement, neither did any member associated with the team.

Dhoni had given a response that he wants to go on army training for 2 months. Whose permission he asked for the army chief and he got this permission too. This army chief also asked for the permission that he was also given saying that Dhoni would be just training, he would not be involved in any operation.

It was also said that Dhoni will be trained like army soldiers without any personal help. Dhoni accepted this also. It was also said that Dhoni would be deployed on duty with the troops for 15 days. He will also be given 19 kg of armor, including an AK 47 rifle.

Another news came that Dhoni had to do duty in the night. Will be on duty for four hours day and four hours night. They can be given a rebate even after 4 o’clock in the morning. Recently some pictures of Dhoni were viral on social media. In one, Dhoni is seen polishing his shoes. So in the second picture, he was seen with the soldiers.

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