Conflict / Opener Bairstow of England lost father at the age of 8, had said – difficulties strengthened

The World Cup-winning England was also struggling to reach the semifinals during league matches. In the last league match against New Zealand, team opener Johnny Bairstow made a decade in the semi-finals by playing a century. Barreto’s career is also full of struggles. He lost his father at the age of 8 when his mother Janet was also suffering from cancer. In an interview, Bairstow said that the difficulties made our family strong. Apart from his mother in Baierso’s family, sister Becky and brother Andrew are

England’s team needed to win the last league match to make the top four in the points table. The match was from New Zealand. England first scored 305 runs. Bairstow played 106 runs. His team won the match by 119 runs and secured the place in the semi-finals. Bairstow scored 532 runs and scored two centuries for the team with an average of 53.

In 1998, Bairstow father had suicidal because of debt and depression. In the interview given to The Guardian, Bairstow had told us – Father had met in this condition at home and I was 8 years old. Even then it was not difficult to know what happened. Yes, then we also knew that the mother had cancer because her hair had passed due to chemotherapy. The pain of the mother was very high, but the way in which they handled us, was unmistakable. The mother’s birthday was the day after his father’s death. On this day he sent me and my sister to school. He said that we have to deal with the situation. Our family has made difficulties difficult. Our family is special.

Bayern test debuted against the West Indies in 2012, from England. After this, he scored 36 innings in the first century. He scored a hundred in Tests played against Cape Town in Cape Town. After this, he remembered his father David Bairstow. David had played as wicketkeeper-batsman for Yorkshire and England Bairstow is also playing the same role for both of these teams.

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