Captain Kohli pain in the interview, team player does not believe

Captain of the Indian cricket team and attacking Batsman Virat Kohli is always known for his great batting on the field. You people know that Virat Kohli is a good batsman but you should also know that Virat Kohli also considers himself an international level bowler. In the interview given to former England captain during World Cup matches, Virat Kohli said that we were winning ODIs during Sri Lanka.

I asked Dhoni whether I can bowl as soon as I got ready for bowling. Bumrah said, “It is not a joke, it is an international match.” Kohli further said that any player of the team does not trust my bowling but I have to.

These people have never given me the chance to bowl. In a fun manner, Kohli hurt his heart. After this Kohli said that I did not bowl because I had a pain in my back.