Box Office: Zero’s entry into the Top 10 Opening Weekends of 2018, Happened So Earning

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Zero’, directed by Anand L. Rai, has performed well in the opening weekend. Although it is much less compared to expectations and predictions. The scale at which Zero was built and King Khan has made a sweat, according to him, was to be believed that ‘Zero’ should be 100 Crore in the opening weekend of 3 days, but it did not happen.

Surprisingly, the movie audience was less attracted, due to which in the opening weekend ₹ 59.07 crores has been deposited. Zero had opted for ₹ 20.14 crores, while on Saturday the collections of the film fell and Zero could collect 18.22 crores. Collections rose on Sunday and received ₹ 20.71 crores.

Zero has taken entry in this year’s Top 10 Opening Weekend Collections list.

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