Box office: Sushant and Sara’s Kedarnath earn so many millions so far

The romantic story of Sushant Singh Rajput and Sarah Ali Khan, i.e. Kedarnath, collected more than three crore rupees on the sixth day of his release, and now this film has emerged firmly with its good performance.

Kedarnath, who was directed by Abhishek Kapoor, has collected a collection of Rs 30 crore 75 lakhs on the domestic box office this Wednesday. So far, the film has got a collection of Rs 39 crore 25 lakhs. The film got an opening with Rs 7 crore 25 lakhs, but the future of Kedarnath is being considered good with the good collection of the film in the film ‘Weak Days’. By this week, the film will get a figure of 42 crores.

This week is not a big movie, so Kedar Nath has a good chance. The film, which is about 45 crore rupees, has not yet proven the deal of profit.

This film is about the love story of Mansoor and Mukku. In the film, Sushant has played the role of Mansoor and Sara Mukku. This is the story of a young man who works as a Dundee laborer on Gaurikund-Kedarnath road. One day, he was going to Kedarnath with a passenger in Dundee that there is a disaster in the meantime, which breaks the whole path. A girl who came to Baba Kedar’s Darshan was caught in this trap. This mountain boy keeps the girl alive on the palm and protects the girl and then the love flows up.

The film was in controversy due to the first director and producer’s fights and later allegations of promoting love jihad. Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara has debuted this movie but her debut was a disturbing. Due to the controversy when it seemed that the film would be closed, Karan gave support to Zaheer and signed him as the heroin of Ranveer Singh in his film, Sitoba. Sara’s second film, Sibbo (December 28) will also be released.

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