Box Office: ‘2.0’ earns a sweeping opening in the opening weekend, so close to 100 crores

Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth’s film 2.0 have performed brilliantly in the 4-day-long opening weekend. For the first two days the film was slow, but on the third day it caught hold of it and on the fourth day Sunday it was amazing. However, after 4 days of business, some of the movie’s 100 million collections have lagged behind.

The Shankar-directed 2.0 was released on Thursday (November 29) a day before Friday. 2.0 in the country has been released at approximately 4000 screens. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s fancy about the movie were seen in the excitement of the ghazak. Although the film got fewer collections than the predicted opening, the first day was found. Trade analysts had speculated that the film could get a collection of `25 crore on the first day, but only Rs 20.25 crore was received.

However, considering the non-holiday release, this figure is not bad. On the second day i.e. the collection dropped and ₹ 18 crores was received, on the third day i.e. on Saturday, the figure jumped nearly 23% and 2.0 made net collection of 25 crores. With this, the 3-day Net Collection of the film has reached 63.25 crores. These are only collections of Hindi versions.

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