Bigg Boss Now in Afghanistan, Sanjay Dutt will make this co-star host

Show every year on the small screen on the anniversary of the tsunami and controversies Big Boss has already been coming in many Indian languages and now it will also start in Afghanistan. Launched in India on the basis of UK’s Big Brother Show This show is going on in the 12th season and this show is seen quite a lot.

In Afghanistan this show is being started as ‘Bansheem’. It will be the first reality show to be there on television. According to the information, the preparations for the first season have been started. For the time being, the Afghan Sevens Has been chosen. But this show will be a Bollywood connection. I will host Humayun Shams Khan on the show. Humayun is an actor of Afghan-Canadian origin and Sanjay Dutt’s forthcoming movie Torbaz Humayun is playing the role of the army officer in the film. It is a matter of fact that Sanjay Dutt hosted half of the fifth season of Big Boss when Salman Khan left the show in the middle. Humayun’s According to them, this is a good thing for them and they will take some tips to host Big Boss with Sanjay Dutt.

At present, Big Boss 12 running in India has now completed 73 days. Contestant rum is crying on the show. Actually, Somi and Jaslin are asked to start the task. There is a period of accusations in each other. Deepika rides on Surabhi that she is a liar. Deepak tells Rumil double standards. Deepak and Deepika keep their strong side. At the end, both explain Deepika’s winner. On the suburb, Rumal later accuses her of the relationship of sister. Surabhi tells it lies Surabhi tells Rumil that, make right allegations against them, do not talk wrong. Debate increases while talking. In the meantime, the rest of the householders are also involved in the debate.

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