Bigg Boss 12: Becoming the captain of Surabhi Rana, his fans, know what-what

Surabhi Rana, who had signed in the Big Boss for a long time, has news about him that he has got a semi-final ticket in the Big Boss. But on this social media, Surabhi has to face criticism. Since the audience clearly saw how Surabhi targeted the Deepika. While at that time Deepika had an emotional status.

In such a situation, Surabhi took advantage of it and with Rohit, he became its claimant. At the same time, it is confirmed that Surabhi is going to be a Captain and he will also be part of the semi-finale week. Fans of the show believe that Surabhi is not entitled to it. He is critically criticizing the makers on social media. They say that the suburban drivers are wrong and they are going ahead and deceiving the people. Also, some say that they are absolutely weird. And are not entitled to it. Some have even given them the title of the small dolly Bindra. At the same time, some have said that now the show and boring are going to happen. Some have said that it would be better if there is no Captain in the house.

A fan has clearly written that the superb can be that you will win the task, the trophy will win by fraud, but will not win anyone’s heart. Everyone has said in clear words that Surabhi has achieved this place by cheating Deepika and Deepak. Now, Surabhi is able to travel further. This will give the audience an opportunity to watch in the upcoming episodes.

Let’s say that this time the lamp is going to be Deepak, Sreesanth, and Romil.

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