Because of these four reasons will always be remembered in the 2019 World Cup…

The World Cup host in England defeated New Zealand in a thrilling match and won the title for the first time. After finishing the match tie, the super over was also tied, after which England was declared winner due to more boundary. This World Cup in 2019 will always be remembered because of these 4 reasons.

Indian wicketkeeper Dhoni suffered a hand in the hand while keeping the World Cup between India and England. When Dhoni came to bat in this match, he was bleeding with his hand. Dhoni was still playing after the blood washed out, but India lost the match. Dhoni used to see his hands clean from his mouth. However, there was considerable criticism of washing after this.

When the Australian wicketkeeper Alex Kerry was batting during the second semi-final of the World Cup, the ball hit his helmet. After the ball hit the helmet, the helmet fell down and his injury also caused him to start bleeding. Despite the injury, Carey remained on the field and he played an important inning of 46 runs for Australia.

In the World Cup match between India and Bangladesh, the Indian team won the World Cup semi-finals in their place. During this time, captain Kohli and Rohit Sharma reached the 87-year-old Charulata sitting there. Captain Virat Kohli asked for the blessing of winning from Charulata Patel and also promised to give him the final match ticket.

In the final of the World Cup, host England defeated New Zealand. The last ball of Super Over needed 2 runs to win New Zealand and Martin Guptill was on strike. Martin Guptill was run out while taking the second run, and he lost the match and sat down there in desperation. Frustrated Martin Guptill came from England player Chris Woakes and picked them up. You are saying that you lost the match but won the heart.

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