As per Andre Russell – Which bowler in the world is more Dangerous….

 At this time 2019 World Cup is going on continuously and during an interview, Andre Russell was asked what bowler you are most afraid of, so let the friends know about the answers given by them.

Answer by Andre Russell:

Andre Russell is an all-rounder player. They were asked to fear that they are more afraid than they said in the answer that I do not feel afraid of any bowler, but Jaspreet Bumrah is a very excellent bowler and needs to play after seeing him. Jaspreet Bumrah is the best bowler of the Indian cricket team. Jaspreet Bumrah is very good bowling.

It is a matter of pride for India that a foreign cricketer is praising him, his answer shows that he is batting completely in the field and that is where all Andre Russell said during his interview just like this news If so, please do follow and follow.

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