Anushka Sharma is the second choice Hottest Vegetarian, the hero also has a title

Bollywood star Anushka Sharma and Kartik Aryan were honored with the title of Hottest Vegetarians of the country. Anushka Sharma won this award for the second time within three years.

On the basis of which the result was made by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) made for the protection of animals, on an online poll. Anushka Sharma was also named the Hottest Vegetarian Celebs in 2015 and she was also selected as PETA Indian Person of the Year last year.

Anushka has made an idol to build animals for the animals and to save animals from fireworks by making fireworks for animals near Mumbai. At the same time, he has demanded to ban horse carts in Mumbai. According to Anushka, becoming a vegetarian was the best decision of her life. This has given a lot of refreshment to them and life has also got better. Today is Anushka’s Wedding Anniversary, which she has gone to Australia to celebrate, where Virat Kohli is on tour with Team India. You still remember how both of them got married in Italy quietly. And then both of them shared their wedding picture on their social account and accepted their relationship in front of everyone. The love between the two was always visible to the people, but when both of them came in front of the official people, there was no room for the happiness of their fans. Anushka’s film Zero is releasing on 21st of this month.

Karthik Aryan as Mel Celebs also has been named the Hottest Vegetarian title this year. According to Kartik Aryan, who had become popular after Sonu’s TTU sweetie, he had seen a video related to the meat industry and after seeing the way the animals were suffering in it, he decided to become a vegetarian. People should also avoid non-vegetarians. Kartik Aryan is shooting for the film Luka Chopin this time.

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