James Anderson told that ben stokes had asked umpires not to add overthrow runs to England score in WC final

According to James Anderson, member of the Test team of the team, the team’s victory in the World Cup, Hero Ben Stokes, told the umpires during the final against New Zealand on Sunday to remove the overthrow of the team with 4 runs, which proved to be crucial in the end. Happened. New Zealand’s fielder Martin Guptill’s stroke was hit by Stokes’s bat and went for 4 runs. Stokes was trying to complete the second run this time. Stokes was given 6 runs off the two runs and overthrow by the boundary, while some experts believe that only five runs should have been given.

In this situation, England had to face defeat by a run against New Zealand, who scored 241 on eight wickets. In the Test team, Stokes’ fellow Anderson said that this allrounder took his hand after immediately overthrow and apologized and appealed to the umpires to change their decision.

Anderson said to the BBC, “The quality of cricket is that if the ball is thrown on the wicket and it hits you in the vacant place after you hit it which you do not run, but if it goes for the boundary, then according to the rules, this chowk And you can not do anything in it. “Anderson said,” Ben Stokes actually went to the umpires and said that ‘can you remove four runs, we do not want this run but this is the rule and that’s the way is.’