After all, what did Venacea give the answer that won the title of Miss World?

Mexico Vanessa Ponce de Leon Miss World crowned on the night of December 8 in Sanya city of China. This moment was obviously not only for Vanessa but also for the whole of Mexico. Especially because Vanessa is Mexico’s first woman to win this title. In the top five of Miss World 2018, Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce de Leon, Miss Thailand Nicholin Picha Lankan, Miss Uganda Quinn Abeniko, Miss Jamaican Kadia Robinson and Miss Belarus Vasiliev were involved.

26-year-old Vanessa wore Miss World crown by Manushi Chillar of India who won the title last year. Manushi Chillar got India’s Miss World title of 2017 after a gap of 17 years. As far as India is concerned, this time Miss India 2018 adaptation has participated in Sanyas for this title. But after reaching the top 30, their journey stopped. But everyone knows this thing. Those who do not know what that ultimate answer was due to Vanessa’s title.

You must be so aware that all the contestants involved in Miss World have to go through many stages. The final contestants who reach the Miss World stage have to answer some questions in front of the selectors. This is very special with the final stage of this competition. The selectors include the legendary people of different regions. In such a situation, the answer to competitors is only the ability to give them the crown. There were also many contestants in addition to Vanessa in this phase, which was held on Saturday night in Satya on December 8, 2018. It’s a matter of great curiosity for all that what was asked of Vanessa, and how did she respond that she won the crown of Miss World?

Actually, when Vanessa’s number came in the final round, she was asked how would she help others if she became Miss World? In response, Vanessa said that she would use her position in the same way as she has been doing for the past three years. They had to say that we all should take care of, take care of everyone, we should love. It is not very difficult to help someone. Whenever you go out, there will definitely be someone who is in need of help, you always be ready to help him. That was the answer that gave Vanessa the crown of Miss World. His answer was that all the cheers present there were completely accurate.

Vanessa was born in the city of Muanjua, Mexico. It is about 174 centimeters long. It is also important to mention it here because the height of women involved in this competition is significant. He won the title of Miss Mexico in May this year. Apart from English, they also get the Spanish language. Apart from this, he spends his spare time playing his favorite outdoor game. Apart from this, Venice also loves playing volleyball. Apart from all this, he has been working for rehabilitation of girls for a long time. He is also the board of director of an organization working like this.

It is also worth mentioning here that Vanessa Ponce de Leon has graduated in the International Business. Apart from this, he has also received a Diploma in Human Rights. His special point is that he also teaches children from tribal areas in various schools like Nenamei, which teaches different cultures. He has also received a certificate in scuba diving.

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