Your Antibiotics Gonna Kill You

we take any antibiotic medicine for advice from a doctor without headaches, abdominal pain or fever. But physicians have warned of having acute bronchial diseases such as diarrhea when consuming more antibiotics than needed.

Dr Satish Kaul, Internal Medicine Senior Consultant, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital said, “Consumption of excessive antibiotic can prove to be harmful to you, this can lead to diseases of the stomach like diarrhea, taking a wrong antibiotic can also be a problem. If you are allergic to that medicine. ”

He further said, “The use of any antibiotic or excessive use of excessive can lead to many problems, such that the infection does not recover quickly, etc. It can also lead to antibiotic resistance organisms. If you keep antibiotic continuously, then this danger can be very high. ”

Dr. Satish Kaul said, “At present, antibiotic resistance has become one of the biggest health problems in the world. We should tell more and more people about the proper use of antibiotics and its function, so that the diagnosis of this problem We need to take this problem seriously. ”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat infection. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change their appearance in response to the use of these medicines.

According to the WHO, “Antibiotic resistance increases without taking antibiotics, which is one of the biggest threats to global health. Long-term antibiotic resistance can cause the patient to be admitted to the hospital. At the same time, more money for treatment and the illness can also lead to the death of the patient. ”

According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance can affect people of any age group in any country. Also, when there is resistance to bacterial antibiotic then infection from mango can not be treated as well.

Dr Arvind Aggarwal, an Internal Medicine Senior Consultant, of Balaji Action Medical Institute, told that, “Nowadays, if there is a headache, abdominal pain or fever, we take any antibiotic medicine for the advice of the doctor without any need. Keeping the antibiotic regularly and without any need, your body’s microbes or bacteria change itself. That antibiotics can not hurt them. ”

He said, “It is called antibiotic resistance.” Most of the most effective antibiotics do not affect bacteria by using excessive antibiotic, these bacteria change themselves in such a way that the removal of medicines, chemicals or infections Any treatment that does not have any effect on them or does have very little effect. “

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