2019 World Cup: Risk of rain on Ind-Pak match, rain likely to rise again in the afternoon

England is an island country which is divided into 4 parts – the north is the Arctic, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Europe in the east and hot Africa in the south. Different winds come from all four directions and collide with each other. Therefore, based on the behavior of air, it is very difficult to estimate the weather here. As far as the rain is concerned, the people here carry an umbrella with them all year round.

The BCCI had yesterday shared a picture of Old Trafford Ground on Twitter, which is apparently being seen that black cloud hovering over Manchester is continuing. As a precaution, the pitch is completely covered up. It is happening with the photo that the rain can ever color itself. The Meteorological Department has estimated that there can be intermittent rain on Sunday. Anything can happen in England’s indefinite weather.

There have been heavy rains on Saturday before the match between India and Pakistan. The cover is on the pitch. However, after a while, the rain stopped, due to which there was a wave of happiness in fans of cricket there too.

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